Monday, May 23, 2011

gym time= me time

one of my new favorite things to do is workout. let me just tell you it didn't start out that way. i lost 46 lbs before i stepped a foot in to a gym. once i plateaued i panicked. i became afraid i would gain it back or worst...give up.

at first i hated this crap. all this jumping up and down had my boobs socking me in the eye. my butt was sweaty and my legs were hurting all of the time. ugh. but i kept going and going. i eventually bought the right sports bra so no more black eyes.  the leg pain has subsided tremendously. the jumping up and down didn't change but i pretend i am pissing off my fat cells and disturbing their peace. kinda like a snow globe sitting there minding its own business and some busy body comes and shake it up. i fancy the fat cells yelling and screaming stuff like yourself we're going down. in

i haven't figured out how to fix the errors from my oops
anyway back to the subject. i'm looking at this gym thing as my thing. i'm not mommy there. i'm not wifey, i don't have a title when i work out. i didn't make friends at the gym. i don't need distractions.  i'm focused and on my grind. if i take the time to get dressed and drive to the gym i damn sure better get the most out of it.

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