Sunday, June 24, 2012

just do it

my protege

Last night I had dinner with some friends. We had an amazing evening. All laughs. One friend, I'll call her Nelly, had a baby nine months ago. A few months ago she was distraught and frustrated over her weight. I told her not to be discouraged and we set out a plan of attack. I sent her to the person that helped me in the beginning of my journey. It was Berta that taught me to eat for my condition and how to combat the medication weight gain. Berta was the first person to give me an inking of hope.

Well in a few short months Nelly is almost at pre-baby weight. She looks amazing, Reflecting last nights events, I am extremely proud of Nelly. I am happy she didn't join the fat girls club. She didn't sit around waiting for it to happen. She didn't make it a project. She didn't complain about not having the time or money to get back in shape and healthy. She took control of her life. She planned her work and worked her plan.
She just DID IT! The student has out performed the teacher...

I am soooo freaking glad that I have been eating right and exercising these last few weeks because I would have felt like the biggest loser- not in a good way. So right now I have to figure out how to stay motivated. Each meal is a chance for a set back. BUT, each meal is an opportunity to forge ahead.

Crossing my fingers.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I have learned

What I did was take my eyes off of the prize? I forgot to put me first. I let life's stresses beat my ass and I didn't fight back.  Stress upon stress upon stress. I don't have any real friends on blog world to remind me to suck it in.
I have learned in these past few months that I still rely on food to comfort me. I am still in love with a lover that doesn't love me back. I am in love with something that is actually detrimental to my health. I don't understand how I don't smoke, drink, do drugs or anything else that I going to hurt me. YET, I fall to my knees for a piece of carrot cake. I ignored fruits and ate pure BS. humpf this is some kind of struggle.

Well here I am again trying this eat healthy lose weight thing. What I learned is that losing weight is easy, breaking the addiction is hard.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

challenges this week

This week has been particurly brutal. These last few months have been quite challenging. I don't like to get into details about my problems because they are not mine alone. But geesh, I need a break. A vacation, something.

I managed to stay on course though. I did not cheat, attempt to cheat or anything this week. For that I am grateful. Sometimes I eat without thought until I've already eaten. Then it would dawn on me that I just ate something I am not supposed to eat.

I watched this documentary called Forks Over Knives- it states statistics on things I have been saying all along. I am not a doctor, scientist, chemist or anything close. But, some things are common sense. Also I have been around long enough to see the evolution. I have a large family and have seen all of the struggles. I have laughed and cried about this subject for way too long. This documentary discusses the overall decline of the quality of food we eat. It chemically break down the way we are eating and digesting junk that is killing us and is addictive by design.

the website is


Wednesday, January 4, 2012


OK so I have been tripping. I have been dealing with some heavy life changing and altering sh**. UGH...I had no energy to blog. No desire to write. My brain cells went on vacation and left my fat cells in charge. We know what happens when the fat cells are in control. All else is out of control. Well NO longer. I had to take my power back. This is a new year and a new day. I will share my successes, challenges and all. I shall bare all. I am usually a very private person but meeting so many people on line and person is slowly but surely changing that. I was running from my calling.

I have to go for now. but I promise, good things to come in 2012.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

where have you been?

that has been the question...well let me tell you I've have been hiding from the blogging thing. let me start by stating that I love blogging. however, I found myself getting caught up in political crap about weight. there are so many so called experts out there giving bad advice about weight loss and maintenance. there are so many types of weight loss programs available. i know that everyone has an opinion and is quite entitled to state it, but in blogging and the emails that i get, some people are just mean.

this world is loaded with some miserable folks out there and the power of the keystroke gives some the guts and balls to say crap that they would not say in person. i call them cyber gangsters. they sit in their houses in their bunny slippers, mickey pajamas, drinking junk and start spewing their venom anonymously. quite frankly it was starting to sicken me.

my story and advice is just that. mine. i own my experiences. i stand by them and will defend them to the end. i don't need to squash others to build myself up.

i prefer a light hearted humorous approach to my journey. the arguments are draining and not a good way to spend my dash.

on that note, to the friends, family and fans, that miss my post....i will be back soon.

love and miss you all.


Thursday, August 18, 2011


yep I've been missing in action. well more like INaction that is. i have been away on company business and it is taking up all of my free time. too busy to blog.

now that I've gotten that off my chest, I can say that I have been a bad girl. My company provided our meals this week and wasn't concerned about my special dietary needs. I didn't complain much. I kind of just went with the flow. but now that I am officially miserable and feeling like I've gone backwards I can't help but wonder what the heck is wrong with me. I take full responsiblity for my actions. I really didn't think it was going to be such a big deal but boy was I dead wrong. Man o' man, I can't help but think if I was diabetic or stricken with some other type of disease that can be controlled by food would I have handled this week differntly?

OK so if I was a recovering alcolohic, I know I would have done a better job at staying sober. But, noooo, not the food addy, I ate this week, free. no out of pocket expense. but guess who is really paying for it? ME, you guessed it. note to self; there is always a price to pay for FREE.

I can't wait to get home so that I can undo the undoing that I am doing. thats it...pray for me...........