Sunday, May 22, 2011

folks been asking how I lost the weight...

My blogs will mainly be about my transformation physically, spiritually, and mentally. I marvel in seeing progress. I love before and afters...or total transformations. My favorite so called reality shows are all about making people, things better. The "Biggest Loser" has been my favorite of all reality shows. I used to make sure I had my bag of chips with my cheese dip so that I could watch the show and yell at he TV. I'd get mad when my favorite characters were voted off. Vowing to never watch again,,,until the next week. But the transformations kept me coming back week after week until the finale.

Ok, so that's the old me. the new me, still watching but while sitting on my big exercise ball doing my crunches, and a series of home made exercises during the show.

That is just one of the many new habits I have which has led to the 75 pounds of fat that has been shed so far. Well I have 35 more to go. Well to some that is a great accomplishment, which it is...but the last pounds that refuse to go anywhere has been stubborn as hell. I must be a good host. They're like family member that have over stayed their welcome. You give them all sorts of hints and they still don't leave. Well that's my fat cells. I gave them all types of hints that I don't want them here but they are still here. (please don't comment about fat cells never leaving they just shrink, I know this already).

Anyway...this weight loss has been a very long hard journey. Some people do this and make it seem easy and effortless. Whiles others yo-yo, up and down up and down...

Let me start by stating that I am not a doctor, medical profession, nutritionist or any of that. I lost 75 lbs and is sharing my story. Many people ask me how I did it and there hasn't been 1 answer. It has been a series of lifestyle changes.

The first change was cutting out the white. I find this to be the most crucial, Let me explain cutting out the white...NO WHITE POTATOES- NO WHITE RICE- NO WHITE BREAD- NO WHITE FLOUR.ETC.
I can assure you this was the hardest part of my transformation. I love bread, mashed potatoes and french fries.

First of all, make up your mind to make the change. Pick a date to start, TODAY, and start it.

In the coming blogs I will discuss the emotional part of achieving your weight loss goal, why we eat in the first place, eating out, dealing with friends and family while you make your changes,

I have to go right now but remember,
you are your next meal away from starting a new you. 


  1. Keep it going girl! This is HOT shit! You will transform many lives, I can already feel it. While I may not understand your personal journey(remember I am the skinny "", who should stay quiet... but then its me, and I can't be quiet! (lol), I do also struggle with keeping the right diet for my constitution; diet that which truly supports my personal well being. Diet that which supports the healthy communities, low pollution, healthier soil, and healthier planet and healthier us! This is my focus, and areas I need to improve, and need motivation. You may be that help...
    I am interested to learn more about your journey! Much love & remember we are all swimming in the ocean of transformation! Namaste <3

  2. thanks Aga. You are an inspiration to me too. You always had a healthier diet than I did. I corrupted you with the eggs and cheese sandwiches. while you taught me how to embrace veggies. You are living proof that we can change and grow to the beings we are meant to be. thanks