Monday, July 11, 2011

dump the frump

I realize something that clothing designers are too dumb, stupid and blind to see that women with a few extra pounds want to dress pretty too. Not all of us want to walk around in granny clothes, frumpy unflattering sweaters, ill-fitting jeans, and orthopedic shoes. I think the same designers that design HEFTY garbage bags are designing our clothes. I don't want to dress like a freaking garbage bag. DESIGNERS NEED TO GET THE MEMO...

There was an episode of Project Runway where the designers were tasked to create clothes for the "everyday woman". They were not pleased. Some of them were down right mean about it. I was not surprised at all about it. Even the so called stores that cater to plus size women will have a larger selection of man shaped T-shirts than they would of business attire, dressy occasion attire and such. They think casual attire means we want to walk around looking as if we are working on the railroad - all the live long day.

So we may have to look a little harder and spend a longer time trying to find clothes fit and flatter us. It is well worth the time and effort. You want to feel "AMAZING" every day. That's not to say play dress up and wear ball gowns, it means to wear your proper size, accessorize, and smile all the way to the new you.
If you dress frumpy, you will look and feel frumpy and most of all- act frumpy. You may argue that is doesn't matter and that clothes don't make a person, there is a hint of truth to that but...the percentage of your outlook changing and staying the course increases dramatically as you package yourself better.

I sometimes envision myself gathering a bunch of designers together and making them wear the frumpy BS they want us to wear. In my my dreams me and a bunch of other fed up folks are chanting NO MORE GRANNY PANTIES...I usually wake up after that so I don't know how it turns out....


  1. You are too funny! NO MORE GRANNY PANTIES!!! LOL!

  2. You are so funny and so right!! Fortunately, I love to look good, but it just sucks that you have to really hunt for it, while at the same time make sure you don't look like the other big girls. (We tend to shop at the same stores lol)

  3. Pretty funny. BTW, I DO work on the railroad! lol I've only gained weight since I started that job so most of my dressier clothes are normal size 9/10 or so(still too big to make the designers happy but I'm good with that size) Every time I have to dress up for some occasion, I always think, "Thank God I don't have to dress up often because there are no decent looking dress clothes in these sizes!
    I can find jeans and nice tank tops to layer under decent looking shirts and not feel too badly about how I look to go to work, but yeah, trying to dress up is very aggravating!