Sunday, June 24, 2012

my protege

Last night I had dinner with some friends. We had an amazing evening. All laughs. One friend, I'll call her Nelly, had a baby nine months ago. A few months ago she was distraught and frustrated over her weight. I told her not to be discouraged and we set out a plan of attack. I sent her to the person that helped me in the beginning of my journey. It was Berta that taught me to eat for my condition and how to combat the medication weight gain. Berta was the first person to give me an inking of hope.

Well in a few short months Nelly is almost at pre-baby weight. She looks amazing, Reflecting last nights events, I am extremely proud of Nelly. I am happy she didn't join the fat girls club. She didn't sit around waiting for it to happen. She didn't make it a project. She didn't complain about not having the time or money to get back in shape and healthy. She took control of her life. She planned her work and worked her plan.
She just DID IT! The student has out performed the teacher...

I am soooo freaking glad that I have been eating right and exercising these last few weeks because I would have felt like the biggest loser- not in a good way. So right now I have to figure out how to stay motivated. Each meal is a chance for a set back. BUT, each meal is an opportunity to forge ahead.

Crossing my fingers.

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