Monday, June 6, 2011

feeling like a politician

OMG- I had a great weekend. I didn't really do anything special. It was just time spent with friends and things like that. They know I am dealing with some heavy stuff and decided to come by to cheer me up. On that front, mission accomplished.

However, I really got to watch what I say and do and more importantly EAT. You see once you lost weight, or even announce that you are trying to...everybody is looking at you. Watching you with a critical eye and judging every morsel that you put in your mouth. I think they even look at how you smell the food. They are watching you watch the food. You become the role model or poster child for a weight loss program and the bar gets raised really high.

OH man, forget it if I eat a damn chicken wing or roll or french fries...that becomes the whole topic of conversation. Sometimes, I want to scream STFU...

So like a good politician I smile and listen to the self made experts. I shake hands with the constituents and take pictures with the babies. I listen to the advice and pretend to care. (i don't take advice from someone that has never had a weight problem, I don't take advice from fat fatties and the only thing they ever lost is their tube top because it rolled around their waist)

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