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Boris Kodjoe Goes Off About Obese Black Women

August 17th 2011

Boris Kodjoe is loved by women all over the world but those feelings may have changed since his twitter rant about over weight Black women. It all started out with a simple tweet talking about he had a dream about 300 pound women eating chicken wings and grinding on him. Shortly after that tweet he tried to come back and sugar coat things talking about he loves all women (I’m just guessing not the ones who are 300 pounds and eat chicken wings) despite their color, hair type, height, etc. Things got heated when people started tweeted crazy stuff to him and he then defended himself with statistics (good  move Boris!) and positive retweets from fans. He even stepped on a few feet with tweets like this one:
Hmmph! Looks like Boris didn’t care about hurting any feelings and wanted to get his overall message across about how being healthy is beautiful. What do you think of his rant about obesity? Do you think it’s high time somebody said something about it? How about his approach on the subject of obesity?

Might We Suggest Cheetos at Your Next Dinner Party?’s Avatar
By, on Fri Jul 8, 2011 1:46pm PDT

By Lynn Andriani

We always knew Cheetos, those guilty-pleasure snacks which always leave behind telltale orange fingers, were good, but we had no idea they had such potential (and we're nothing if not all about reaching one's potential). Lately, Cheetos have become a darling of the culinary world. First, Saveur magazine put the crunchy, cheesy sticks at the top of its annual list of chefs' favorite tools, ingredients and recipes for 2011 (they ranked ahead of oysters and green coriander seeds). Then, Cheetos started showing up on menus in cities around the country. I'm thinking high-end Cheetos made from artisanal Cheddar can't be far behind.


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