Saturday, June 18, 2011

pros and cons of losing weight...

This post was inspired by Jack Sh*t getting fit. Highly recommend this blogger. It has also been the topic of numerous conversations since I started this journey. People don't really get it when you smell the bread and pass it to the next person without tasting it. Or that you pass up some of the "after work for drinks" invitations. Yes I've had to stand up for my right to be healthy. Here are some of my retorts-


*arteries will stop screaming LAWD HAVE MERCY.
*being able to look down and seeing my LAP.
*not waiting on line for an hour at an amusement park only to be told that the safety harness doesn't fit around  your GERD as the attendant yells NEXT and you have to walk back totally humiliated.
*putting your feet into a pair of shoes with out the Miss Piggy over flow.
*no more granny panties and bras that look like car covers.
*being able to wear a thong and NOT look like a piece of roast beef in the butcher shop.
*no longer worrying about your legs catching fire from friction of  the super sized thighs rubbing together.
*you stop rolling your eyes at your doctor while thinking STFU because he is giving you the same freaking lecture about how you are killing yourself without a gun.


*you have to stop talking about fat people because now you just appear insensitive and mean.
*you have to give up your walking stick as a fashion accessory.
*you don't have that extra catch tray to catch the food that didn't make it into your mouth.
*you can't take up two seats because they don't make a seat and a half for you.
*you will have to find something to do with the extra time and money from less doctor visits.
*OMG-the options when it comes to dating. Who wants to think that hard?
*no more hiding spaces in the folds of hanging skin.
*realizing that some things being double is good....a Double CHIN is not one of them.

**feel free to add your own pros and cons**


  1. Came across your comment today on Jack's blog..."Hey Jack, I feel you. My advice is to START OVER. Pretend this is day one 290+ lbs ago. Think about how you felt, what you did to get started and follow your own success. No need to reinvent the wheel. It worked for you once and will work for you again. The body has an amazing ability to forgive you your sins of yesterday."

    Hope you don't mind, but I am going to change Jack to Kimberley! This is really great advice and I NEEDED to read it today. Thanks!!!

  2. I'm honored. I started this blog thing because people asked me to. Having lost 75 lbs with more to go, I'm constantly asked how I did it. How to stay focused? It is the hardest thing in the world to do. Feel free to stop by my page anytime. email me if you want to keep it private. Just enjoy. I'm silly though. laugh out loud...