Wednesday, June 8, 2011

right where I left it

Sometimes we lose things and don't even notice they are missing until we find them. Well that's my LAP. It is right there where I left it. I looked down one day and it was there. Staring right back at me. It was kind of like a teenager that crept out of the house at night just to beat you back in the house before dawn. You know that something is different, something happened but you can't quite put your finger on it. Well I was driving one day and my blue tooth fell into my lap. There was something familiar yet odd about it. Then it hit me...I could see my lap. WOW, when was the last time I saw that? I tried to think about it and couldn't remember the last time. Sure I bounced babies on it, held stuff on it but, when was the last time I actually saw it. Shucks it was missing all of this time and I didn't notice.

So that was an enlightening moment to keep forging ahead. OK so call me psycho but I was sad at first. The idea that my gut took up so much lap space that it was hidden freaked me out. It took a moment to realize the victory in finding my lap that wasn't really missing but playing hide and go seek. The victory that some of my fat cells put up a white flag and screamed for mercy. I started to smile as I pictured myself out of breath and sweaty and frustrated in spin class, zumba, yoga and all of that. Thinking I was ready to throw in the towel and not noticing that some of the fat troops had already surrendered,

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