Friday, August 12, 2011

body image-

I will just say this;

in speaking to a lot of people about weight and weight loss, it is apparent that we have some real issues with body image. i am completely surprised by the number of men and women, young and old that have major issues with their own bodies. we live in a world of photoshop perfection and it is not a cool world to be in.

we need to stop comparing ourselves to celebrities and entertainers. AND the models we see in the fashion magazines. did you know that most of the models don't even recognize themselves after the editors get finished with them? we are not perfect, nor are we meant to be.

we can only take care of the body that we have. that is what we are mandated to do. if you don't that is when the body will revolt and get you back. but that is conversation for another day. 

all i am asking is that you learn to love your body enough....enough to eat better...enough to work it out...enough to dress it up....enough to keep it clean...enough to keep it moisturized...enough to keep it hydrated...enough to be comfortable in it, after all you can't trade it in for another.

a friendly reminder- you are your next meal from a new and healthy you. love yourself enough to start now.

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  1. You always have such great advice. Thanks!