Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A new kind of diet

With all of the fad diets out there I think I have developed the most spectacular weight loss program EVER. I call it the broken elbows diet. Hear me out- What's the biggest problem losing weight? Eating too much. Well if your elbows were broken- problem solved. Think about it....you won't be able to bend and flex, bend and flex...that's the motion of grabbing food and putting it in your mouth and grabbing some more.

Others will have to feed you but hey, what's wrong with that? They will make better choices for you than you can make for yourself.  Imagine a country of people with cast on their elbows to aid in their weight loss goals. Picture yourself giving presentations with your double cuffs...hey it beats a double chin. Not being able to wipe your own butt is a small sacrifice to have a small butt.

I'm super excited about this. Its going to be awesome. I think I might sell the cast. Maybe my website could be www.cuffthatbutt.com  Oh yeah, ain't no stopping me now.......

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