Thursday, July 21, 2011

all because my boyfriend left me....

About 2 weeks ago I was waken by a very faint sound. To this day I don't know what the sound was, I just remember being startled as I looked around in the dark. NOTHING...I got up to tinkle barely opening my eyes as I fumbled through the dark. The illumination from the moon peaking through the windows was the only light throughout the whole house. I didn't want to really wake up so I kept everything dark. I was also trying to be considerate of the folks in my house.

Once back in bed nice and comfy I took a deep breath, closed my eyes like I have done many many times after waking up to go to the bathroom. But this time I just laid there. I just tossed and turned and flipped and moved all over the bed. I changed positions so that my head was at the foot of the bed and my feet were at the head. RESTLESS night is how I can describe it.

Throughout the day I was exhausted. I remember struggling through spin class. My thought process was to be too tired to not sleep. Boy was I wrong.  I had a repeat of the previous night. This went on for a full week.  After that there were no more play dates with my friend GYM. I was so tired I felt like I was moving in slow motion. I was a danger to society on the road. Then my eat healthy kick was sabotaged. I was way too tired to cook or prepare food or even worry about what I was eating. I won't even mention the junk I was eating. Like I said, I didn't care. I was a walking zombie with slurred speech, jumbled thoughts, mood swings, Louie Vuitton eyes, just an overall HOT MESS.

I posted on facebook how I have been spending my evenings and the advice poured in. Some really good advice and some off the wall crazy crap. Let me just say I am very afraid of becoming addicted to anything. I mean my food addiction is freaking killing me as is. I can't imagine adding another vice to my already jacked up body.

Well last night it happened. My boyfriend came back. He cradled me and comforted me for eight hours straight. My how I missed him. Never again will I say that "I don't need much"... He crept out in the middle of the night two weeks ago but when he returned it was just like old times. I didn't argue or anything. I know you are asking who is this boyfriend that has so much power over me? His absence has made me abandon my healthy goal and caused me to stop working out or eating right. Who had me on an emotional roller coaster and on the brink of a nervous break down. Not to mention the headaches and blurry vision. Whom I welcomed back without questioning where he'd been. Who crept back into my life as silently as he left. His name my precious is SLEEP.


  1. Darn! That must have been tough. So glad he is back though.

    I am Kimberley Phoenix on FB if you want to connect there.

  2. OMG- how we take sleep for granted.

  3. You write with wit and humor as you share your personal experiences. It is a refreshing style that you have and you should keep it up. I too have had sleepless nights until I learned the power of deep breathing that has not failed me yet. I sleep better than I ever have.