Wednesday, June 22, 2011

waste to waist

I started to name this blog the scoop on poop but changed my mind. If you are uncomfortable talking about bowel movements and other bodily functions, this one is not for you. I won't take it personally if you don't read it. Go ahead now it the time to skip it.

If you are reading here then you obviously are as obsessed with poop as much as I am. For many years I would only poop once or twice a week. I thought that was normal. Well it was normal for me but far from normal. Think about it...If it went passed your tongue and down your wind pipes, it need to get the heck out of there. The human body is like a well run assembly line. Things should be moving all of the time. As nasty as this may sound but your poop is the finished product. In a bakery factory right, you got ingredients, you got the assembly line and you got the finished product. Are you with me so far? When you eat food, you chew and add digestive enzymes that pass through your body. Depending on what you eat, will dictate how well the assembly line will run. So if you are taking in a lot of vitamins and minerals and all of the good stuff, your assembly line will run smoothly and you will produce a product every day. Sometimes twice a day in a really well run assembly line. Sounds good right. Well what happens in a not so well run factory? Things get backed up, production slows down- sometimes you have to close up shop for repairs. Factory workers get restless. (you never want that to happen because they hang out in your waist line)- Then there's no final product. It comes once or twice a week.

So you see how your waste directly affects your waist?

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