Thursday, June 2, 2011


Yeah that's how I am feeling this morning. My friend Joy usually come to visit me every morning. She's is either running late or not coming. She never let's me know though. I am sure she is nursing someone else back to mental health. I depend on seeing her in  the morning and feel a certain kind of way when I don't.

Weeping cometh for a night but Joy cometh in the morning.

So I sit and wait, and wait...I know she is coming, I just know it.

In the meantime I have to stay away from the kitchen with all of its temptations and lures. Shucks, I keep telling the eggs to stay away from the cheese so that the toast won't hold them hostage and then expect me to come save them. I don't know how Aunt Jemima got here but she can not go to the Log Cabin. NO NO NO...I really need Joy this morning....where is she? what's the hold up? I want to get to my protein but when I open my cabinets all of the hands keep going up saying "pick me, pick me". Look at Devil Dogs right there like guard dogs to the Lay's Wavy and Golden Oreo's.

Oh My Goodness. I know I shouldn't have this crap here but guess what? I don't live alone. My kids have learned to be self sufficient and can very well take care of themselves. They can cook and bake and therefore they buy what the want. After all, I am the one with the problem. Affirmations and self coaching is not really working for me today. I need somebody to knock me upside the freaking head, shake me and yell "snap out of it".

So I am going to take my a** for a walk or something. I don't have to leave a note for Joy, I know she will find me.......

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