Thursday, June 9, 2011

looking at old photos

Geesh, I love looking at old photos. Mostly of other people though. I get a huge kick out of taking pictures. Click click click...people, places and things. I have a WTF folder of people that I have seen and hopefully they didn't see me. Well I'm still alive without bumps or bruises so I guess I haven't been caught yet. I came close once. I was in an amusement park and saw this woman about 6 feet tall and 350 lbs with a spandex cheetah outfit with high heeled shiny gold shoes and a big Diana Ross weave. Can I just say HOT MESS. I saw her across the park and by the time I got my camera out of its case and went to point and click she was looking dead at me. She started walking toward me, slowly at first but then her long strides increased and I thought she was coming at me to smash my camera. So as she got closer, I let the camera dangle around my neck and pretended I wasn't about to snap...

Being on the other end of the camera allowed me to escape being caught in too many pictures. Rarely did I pose and allow others to photograph me. I hate to find out that someone has a picture of me that I didn't know about. When I did take pictures I usually don't look at them, or I criticize them. Sometimes they even freaking depress me. Well you know what happens when a fattie gets depressed.

I wish I could say that 75lbs later that I like being photographed. I'm still not there yet. But I am glad that there a few shots of the old me. I use them as constant reminders of where I was, where I need to go and why I do this.

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