Wednesday, June 1, 2011

don't freak out about it!!!

how was your memorial day weekend? I'm sure you hit up a BBQ or two. If not, shame on you. This was the best weekend we've had in a very long time. Why not take advantage of it? Listen you are not expected to live in a bubble while on your journey to better health. sharing good times and good food with good people are the reason we live. the problem is most of us want the good times to roll and roll and keep on rolling. well that only leads to you becoming a roly poly. Did you cheat a little? Be honest....just a little. Well you have nothing to worry about...If you cheated a lot...shame on you..oh I'm just kidding. Here is the deal. So feaking what??? Don't freak out. OWN it, and start again.
Berta was the first person to really help me understand my relationship to food. She has an amazing knack of helping folks gain confidence and the side effect is weight loss. Look for "just lose it by berta" on facebook. I will ask permission to post her information. Any way, it was Berta who taught me that its not what you do sometimes that has the biggest impact but what you do most/all of the time. So if you eat well most to all of the time, you will meet and or achieve your goals. If you eat crap most or all of the need to finish that sentence.

check out   you'll love her as much as I do.

Remember you are a meal away from starting...

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