Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the biggest LIARS

There are two big liars in this world when we are trying to change our image of ourselves. I haven't decided who is the biggest liar. Either one can sabotage your success and wreak havoc on your psyche. Don't get me wrong, some folks have an abundance of self esteem no matter what the liar says, they see something else. GOD bless them. I'm talking about the rest of us that don't live in La La Land and we consider ourselves realistic. You decide. I am talking about the Lying A** Mirror vs. The Lying A** Camera.

The mirror has so many variables when deciding what it has to say. Lighting, time of day, angle will all affect the reflection that you see staring back at you. There are magnifying mirrors that point out flaws that aren't really there. Some mirrors are designed to make you look fat. Like yeah who would buy that on purpose? Some make you look super duper skinny. Some will make you appear tall. Some will make you want to register your pimple with the INS. Some mirrors will have you running to the plastic surgeon to lift the fallen skin or getting injections to boost up some body parts. How many times have you changed clothes because Mr. Mirror said you don't look good in that? Yep that damn mirror is a lying piece of crap.

Then there's the camera. He starts out lying by adding at least 10 lbs to your frame from the get go. We struggle so hard to lose those 10lbs just for Mr. Camera to add them right back on. UGH. Again lighting, time of day etc will cause him to talk sh** about you and change the perception of you. The camera will make you notice the flaws and then you start staring at them and pointing them out to your friends and family. Now they see it too. whoo hooo! Friends start critiquing each other. The worst part of Mr. Cameras lies it that they last FOREVER.

Sometimes they conflict with their lies. Have you ever checked yourself in the mirror and was pleased only to see yourself in a pictures taken just a few minutes later and you are like WOW, look at my belly, or look how my pants fit or my skirt rises in the back from my butt. The mirror didn't tell you that... the camera did. The mirror will tell you that your make up is flawless...the camera will tell you you look like you sprayed yourself with cheap tanning lotion.

They are both freaking LIARS.....
But then again some people don't need the mirror or camera, they lie to themselves.
So you decide...Who's the biggest LIAR- Mr. Camera...Mr. Mirror??????

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