Sunday, September 11, 2011

where have you been?

that has been the question...well let me tell you I've have been hiding from the blogging thing. let me start by stating that I love blogging. however, I found myself getting caught up in political crap about weight. there are so many so called experts out there giving bad advice about weight loss and maintenance. there are so many types of weight loss programs available. i know that everyone has an opinion and is quite entitled to state it, but in blogging and the emails that i get, some people are just mean.

this world is loaded with some miserable folks out there and the power of the keystroke gives some the guts and balls to say crap that they would not say in person. i call them cyber gangsters. they sit in their houses in their bunny slippers, mickey pajamas, drinking junk and start spewing their venom anonymously. quite frankly it was starting to sicken me.

my story and advice is just that. mine. i own my experiences. i stand by them and will defend them to the end. i don't need to squash others to build myself up.

i prefer a light hearted humorous approach to my journey. the arguments are draining and not a good way to spend my dash.

on that note, to the friends, family and fans, that miss my post....i will be back soon.

love and miss you all.


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  1. The good news is you can spend your dash exactly the way you want to! I have never had a negative blogging experience...if I don't like what a blogger has to say, I don't read their blog.

    Here is a little (long story) that I will keep in mind if the day ever comes...actually I will email it to you on FB as it is long.

    Hugs doll!