Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oh Come On....

I cannot believe the junk I just saw on the shelves on Wallyworld.  DOUBLE FISTED BACON CHEESEBURGER FLAVORED CHIPS.  Yes that is right. The freaking whole display was centered around this crap. Frito Lays had the freaking nerve to pay scientist to sit in a lab to CREATE a junkier than junk food. I mean really every time I think I've seen it all they go and do some crap like this.....While I believe it is their right to make it, it is equally our right to NOT buy this. But we live in a country where we have over 50% obesity and is growing literally, at a scary rate. So they pay if forward by spending the money on R & D for double fisted bacon cheeseburger flavored chips?

Oh come that what we need?

This is right up there with
*fried butter
*fried cheesecake
*hot dog pizza
*fried Kool-Aid
*donut burger
*deep fried Coca-Cola


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